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Shop at our online store in Canada for the coolest smoking accessories, including bongs, water pipes, dab rigs, vaporizers and more!

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Our assorted collection of smoking accessories has impressive bongs also known as water pipes, in various shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

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We have a featured collection of both vintage and modern smoking pipes available online, in different materials to add to your cannabis lifestyle.

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Shop online from our inventory of quality paper in various sizes, flavours, and burn rates to enhance your smoking experience.

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Water Pipes, Rigs and Smoking Accessories in Canada

Welcome to Just Another Bong Shop, your one-stop for all kinds of awesome smoking accessories in Canada. Whether you are looking for bongs, pipes, or vaporizers in any colour, shape, and size, we offer you the coolest and high-quality smoking products that suit your needs and preferences. We know how enthusiastic you are about your preference for bongs, which is why we have got an impressive collection for you to explore and choose from. Our collection features bongs in glass, metal, acrylic and silicone variants along with other bong attachments. We also carry products by popular brands to ensure that our customers leave satisfied with their choice of product. You can depend on us to buy the following:



  • In addition to enhancing your smoking experience, a good quality bong offers a much-relaxed way to smoke. You may have preferences for your type of bongs and other products, and you can find all of that with us at incredible prices. Explore our collection for unique options and accessories.



  • While you have mastered the art of rolling for your own, we want to be your rolling paper partner. We know that rolling paper matters a lot when it comes to creating the perfect joint. It can affect your smoking experience if it is not of good quality. Well, we won't let that happen!



  • A Rig is a bong or water pipe used for smoking concentrates like shatter or diamonds. Even if you are looking for something portable and smaller, we have the best dab rigs to check out! Just Another Bong Shop provides the best dab rigs; we have glass and silicon dab rigs in multiple shapes, colours, and sizes.

testing + detox kits


  • Our collection features reliable and good-quality drug testing and detox kits. We have certified testing and detox kits that you can use to detect the presence of drugs such as marijuana, methamphetamines, cocaine etc., and remove these toxins from your body. They are easy to use, and the result can be viewed instantly.

Other Products and Accessories


  • Our inventory features a collection of impressive accessories such as cleaners, grinders, scales, etc., for your specific needs. You can count on us for a range of accessories to level up your smoking experience and make it pleasant.

  • Carrying cases Dab containers are commonly made of glass or silicone material and come in various sizes and design options. They are used to store wax, shatter, crumble and more. Another advantage of dab containers is that you can carry the concentrate conveniently.


  • Vaporizers are inhalation devices that are used to smoke cannabis, herbs, tobacco and more. In this process, cannabis is not burned but heated up to a certain temperature that they turn into vapours, which are then inhaled.


  • We have great smelling candles made from natural ingredients such as beeswax, soy wax and more. They can kill the weed odour and make the room smell good.

  • Incents The use of Incense sticks is another effective way to get rid of weed odour. Incense sticks come in many fragrances and leave a strong and refreshing smell behind.

  • Cleaners We have a range of alcohol-based cleaners in our inventory that you can buy to clean your dab rigs thoroughly after every use. Have a look at our range and shop for an effective cleaner.

  • Grinders A herb grinder is a shredding device used to shred cannabis. The crushed cannabis or leaves are filled in bong bowls or blunt wraps for a smooth and pleasurable smoking experience.

  • Coils Vape coils use the power from the battery to heat the cannabis or herbs and turn them into vaporizers. You can depend on us if you are looking to replace the vape coil for your vaporizer.

  • Butane Butane lighters burn cleaner than propane fuel and are less toxic. Refillable butane lighters are convenient, portable and offer a concentrated flame, which is suitable to light cigars, bongs, and dab rigs.

  • Scales Scales are compact devices used to weigh cannabis, concentrates or extracts. These high-quality, lightweight, digital scales can give you accurate measurements and help you get the exact amount of weed that you want.


  • Our inventory features a collection of impressive accessories such as cleaners, grinders, scales, etc., for your specific needs. You can count on us for a range of accessories to level up your smoking experience and make it pleasant.

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Competitive price

At Just Another Bong Shop, you can buy unique and quality smoking accessories at incredible prices. We ensure that you get the best value for your money.

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Huge collection of all brands

We understand your needs and preferences, which is why we have an enormous collection of brands that you cannot take your eyes off.

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Shop online or offline

Either from the comfort of your home or walking into the store, you can buy your preferred smoking accessories at competitive prices. We are shipping all over Canada.

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One-stop solution

Our collection features products ranging from pipes and bongs to ashtrays and cleaners. We have everything you need in stock to make your smoking experience pleasurable.

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Customer Reviews

We stock a large collection of smoking accessories in Canada. Explore what our customers have to say about us.

My Favourite Shop

“Friendly and knowledgeable staff, great selection of inventory and conveniently located with lots of parking. I've been to multiple shops in and around Airdrie and Calgary but this is hands-down my favourite shop. Jeremy and staff are always super helpful. I wish all bong shops were this level of service. Recommend checking it out.”

-Colton B.

Definitely Recommend

“Fantastic locally owned and operated business.... Super selection... Everything you can think of a more I would definitely recommend you to drop by check out the selection check out the quality and support locally owned and operated businesses.”

-Mark K.

Super Friendly and Informative

“Such a great shop, I go here for everything! Super friendly and informative shop. The girl who works there is so sweet. She helped us pick out a great bong.”

-Lydia M.

Much Love

“5 outta 5. Was worth the 45 minute drive in the blizzard today. Much love to this store. I went in for the SOC and PUFFCO was on-sale. Woot.”

-Jay A.

Amazing Products

“Highly recommended! Such an organized/ outstanding shop :). So many amazing products! The best bong store around by far and the kindest staff to help you out!!”

-Teigan M.

A One-Stop-Shop

“Amazing looking shop often it is quite full very nice selection with a brightly lite store and friendly staff. Large waterpipes, grinders, concentrate. The store really has come along way. There is also beer and a couple pizza options in the parking lot along with a bakery and dispensary. It kind of is a one stop shop!”

-Harbinger C.

Very Friendly Owner

“The prices, atmosphere, service and overall presentation of the store is great. The owner of the shop is very knowledgeable on all the products and is very friendly. There is also lots of inventory and variety. Highly recommended!”


Huge Selection of Goodies

“Fresh look on the store after rebranding from Smokers Corner! It's exciting again to come in week after week to new items and brands. Huge selection of papers, waterpipe all sorts of goodies. Excited to see what's going to come in the future guys keep it up.”

-Radical D.

Friendliest Staff

“You guys have amazing selection and the friendliest Staff! Def coming back.”


Best Selection of Bongs

“Chill staff; best selection of bongs in Airdrie. What's not to like?”

-Jesse B.

Quality Vaporizers to Enrich Your Vaping Experience

Vaporizers are highly durable and easy to use. They heat the concentrate to a temperature that it becomes vapour ready to inhale.

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Want to Get Rid of the Weed Odour?

We have more than a few options to help you kill a weed or smoke odour and make your space smell fresh and nice.

Explore Our Collection of Pipes

We have an impressive collection of smoke pipes made from materials such as wood, glass, silicone, metal and acrylic.

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