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Bongs, Water Pipes + Accessories

This bong word comes from the Thai word "baung" used to smoke cannabis. Bongs or water pipes give you a smoother toke, making it all the more desirable for people who like to get a high hit and smoother experience. And when you choose our high-quality bongs and water pipes in Canada, you take the whole experience a notch higher. It not only filters fine particles from the smoke but gives a smoother and cooler hit. If you consider factors such as price, size, style, material (silicone, plastic, metal, ceramic, bamboo, or glass) before buying a bong, then explore our collection for unique and numerous options. And if you are not very sure about the bong you should buy, you can count on our knowledgeable staff for suggestions.

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Along with our artistic bong collection, we also facilitate you with the following bong attachments:



  • Also known as a slide, come in various sizes, shapes, and designs and serve as the main piece that sits within the joint of the water pipes. It holds the tobacco or leafy herbs or dry herb for combustion.



  • It is used to light those hard-to-reach places in the safest way without burning your finger. The best part about our lighters collection is that all of them are refillable and light in weight.



  • These make a world of difference to your smoking experience. Screens that are basically filters are put in the chambers or bowl to prevent your mouth from filling from ash while taking a nice hit.

Perc attachments


  • Perc or percolator is used to make the whole process smoother. It is used to cool down the smoke and provide top-quality filtration that gives slightly different effects. Honeycomb, tree, inline, matrix, turbine, showerhead and fritted disc are types of percolator.



  • There are gel or liquid cleaners that clean the bongs in minutes and are 100% effective. These cleaners are engineered by industry experts and keep your smoking accessories sparkling clean. Just soak, rinse and enjoy again.



  • Bongs are fragile and need utmost care while you carry them. To keep your bong safe and block odour, you can use containers. These bong bags or containers can accommodate most bongs of any size and are durable.

Types of Bongs

Bongs come in various shapes. Some commonly available and popular shapes are straight tube, beakers, round base, sky-high glass supreme recycler, multi-chamber, and percolator. If you are looking for any of these bong shapes, then explore our inventory for a unique collection, also available at our online store in Canada.

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We entertain you with all types of bongs and water pipes for your best smoking experience.

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