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Dab Rigs, Tools + Accessories

Dab Rigs, Tools + Accessories

Just Another Bong Shop has one of the best collections of dab rigs in Canada. Dab rigs are often called oil rigs and are similar to a bong but much portable and often smaller. Instead of packing the bowl with dried buds, dab rigs burn a special form of cannabis which is an extract or concentrate. Well, dabbing gets its name from the small blobs or dab (single serving hits of cannabis) when combined with a specific rig of concentrate that gets you thoroughly high. These are specifically designed to use with waxes, dabs, oil, and use of cannabis concentrates to maximize the flavour, which makes you feel different than smoking a bong.

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Just Another Bong Shop also provides customers with some best dabbing tools in Canada, by the dosage of the concentrate, in various sizes and styles such as:



  • Bangers are a generally circular dish and vary in designs. They come in different styles and sizes and materials like glass, quartz, titanium, or ceramic and are used to vaporize concentrates or cannabis.



  • These are made of metals or glass and both are equally effective. These are used to scoop out the dab of cannabis or concentrates and drop it in the heated nail.

Dab tool


  • This tool helps you prepare your concentrates, heat and burn safely and transfer them to banger or nail.



  • If you are trying to dab, then you cannot simply heat your concentrates without using these torches through powerful torches. Get a high-quality torch from us and get a professional dabbing experience.



  • Dabs rigs are delicate and might get damaged if not kept properly. Depend on us for fancy containers and cases that keep your dab rigs safe and make them highly portable.



  • Belonging to the LPG family, butane is environment-friendly and is more efficient in combustion. These liquify easily, making containment easy, helping in burning the dab rigs.



  • Cleaning dab rigs can be a daunting task but not anymore. We have special cleaners other than hot water and alcohols for dab rigs that will thoroughly clean it and make it as new as possible.

Electric nail


  • Also known as e-nail is important for people who want to get most of the concentrates while dabbing. These replaced the torches in the equation of heating a nail and waiting for it to cool in place of torches.

Tips for Buying Dab Rigs

Although buying the right dab rigs is not a daunting task, there are a few things that you need to consider before buying. You must review the following: size, design (rigs with smaller chamber), filtration, and construction type as dab rigs are available in scientific-grade borosilicate glass, stable and a 90 degree joint with a low center of gravity. Depending on your smoking style, you can pick a dab rig that best suits your needs.

Need Accessories for Your Pipes?

Just Another Bong Shop provides all the accessories that you need for your pipes, including cleaners, cases, lighters and more.

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