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Effective Weed Odour Control Products in Canada

Having a really good time and feeling relaxed with weed is a good idea. But its pungent smell is all the more exhausting and awful. Maybe you have someone visiting you, or maybe you yourself want to get rid of that smell. All you need to do is buy products that can effectively eliminate cannabis odour.

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Just Another Bong Shop has effective weed odour control products in Canada. Our inventory has the following products:



  • We have some great smelling candles that absorb the particles from the air and kill the odour in minutes. These usually have natural ingredients like beeswax, soy wax, and more.



  • The use of incense sticks is another effective odour removal technique. It is a pack of 12-15 sticks and has ranges of different smells like - sandalwood, rose, jasmine, and other strong smells.

Air fresheners


  • Using a strongly scented air freshener can also kill odour in less than a few minutes. We have a collection of most calming scents that smell good.

Smell proof bags and containers


  • These bags are also known as odour deodorizers. You can keep them along with your green material. It absorbs moisturizer in the air and holds it inside along with odour. It also doesn't contaminate the stuff.

Need Smell Proof Bags and Containers?

Our range of containers can lock the smell and absorb moisture without harming the green leaves.

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