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Massive Selection of Pipes

Massive Selection of Pipes

Pipe tobacco is the most traditional way of smoking tobacco. The pipe has a chamber/bowl where loose leaves are burned. The smoke from the chamber then travels through the hollow pipe to the mouthpiece. Owing to its profitability and minimalist design, pipes never go out of the shelf and that they have their admirers across the globe. At Just Another Bong Shop, we have a featured collection of both vintage and modern smoking pipes in Canada. Pipes are made using different materials, for instance, wood, glass, silicone, metal and acrylic. Explore our collection of pipes at incredible prices.

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Pipe Accessories



  • These are used as an ash catcher for any smoke session in pipes made of silver or brass. Screens are tucked in the bowls of the pipes so that it conforms to the shape of the pipe.



  • It’s a pretty painless thing that makes the quality of your next session much better. We have the best quality cleaners to keep your pipes life long and prevent them from warping the wood.



  • We also have pipe-cases where you can collectively keep your pipes together. These are easily portable and keep your smoking pipes away from damages. Find the latest design and styles of pipe cases in our collection.



  • The ingenious design of lighters heats the tobacco in the metal effortlessly without damaging the bowl and bending over the side. Explore our affordable and unique collection.

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Vaping is an easy and convenient solution to inhale cannabis and doesn’t cause combustion. Explore our collection today.

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