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Best Rolling Papers and Accessories Selection

Rolling papers and accessories are used for smoking cannabis, tobacco, and other products. The roll-your-own method is hugely popular. People who have loved smoking weed love to roll on their own. Though there have been an array of options to consume cannabis, this remains on top, and you can count on us for high-quality rolling papers in Canada.

Since we know what quality rolling paper means to the rollers, we have an inventory of quality paper that can enhance your smoking experience. Our collection features papers in various shapes, sizes, flavours and varied burn rates to suit your specific requirements. Rolling papers contribute to less odour and less smoke.

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Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs

Joints are considered the most iconic way of consuming cannabis, which is quite easily portable. This has a thin rolling paper, usually white which has rolled up cannabis inside. In contrast, blunts are bigger than joints and also last longer. This is a roll with cannabis inside a cigar or blunt wrap. Spliffs are similar to joints that have a mixture of cannabis and tobacco together in a rolling paper. 

Joints and blunts can be flavoured, but it is all upon the choices, preference and rolling use, and functionality.

Whether you are sharing the rolling paper with friends, or prefer a larger roll, we will supply you rolling paper in a range of size options. Mentioned below are commonly available size, shape and material variants for rolling papers.



  • Single wide rolling papers

  • 1 1/4 Rolling papers

  • 1 1/2 Rolling papers

  • King size rolling papers

  • King size slim rolling papers

  • Huge/XXL rolling papers



  • Cut corner

  • Pouches

  • Pre-rolled cones - RAW, Elements, Jware, and Cyclones

  • Paper rolls - RAW, OCB, Elements



  • Paper

  • Flax

  • Rice

  • Hemo

  • Blunt wraps

  • Clear

Rolling Accessories



  • Rolling trays have raised edges which keeps the herb tidy and makes the whole process of rolling easier.

Roach clips


  • A roach clip is like a holder used to hold marijuana or any dry herb or leaf for joints to prevent the burning of fingers.



  • If you are looking for grinders that grind your herb more finely, then we have the best one with teeth so well positioned that it grinds fine so that it burns more efficiently.



  • We also provide filters used for joints with rolling paper to keep the herbal matter out of your mouth. You should stop tearing the box of cigarettes and try out our filters.

Rolling machines


  • Rolling machines are for beginners as they make the process easier. These come as kits where you can put your stuff all together and avoid the hassle of rolling.



  • These are small enough to fit in the pocket. It is made with a paper-like material and is lined with foil. It is generally used to absorb the residual smoke smell and keep the air fresh.



  • We also have cases and containers to keep your joint, blunt and rolling paper fresh and prevent it from wear and tear.



  • Our collection features lighters of different styles and shapes that help you burn your joint conveniently.

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